John and Sonja Horsewood
Social scientist and medical doctor. Apart from keeping sponsors fully up-to-date with their child, they believe in "hands on" spending several months a year working directly at the school.

Photo: Visit at school

Christine Petermandl
is a children's nurse who first made contact with Mtwapa.

Charity Helfende Hände - Helping Hands
The project day-to-day funding costs are raised by Helping Hands Charity- head quarters in Austria- with links also in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Helping Hands are:
Ursula Bello, Birgit und Michaela Dobetsberger, Herbert Friedl, Bernd und Edith Friedmann, Ingrid Holub, Judith Kreutzer, Stefan Mayrdorfer and Hans Tröstl.


HELPING HANDS has accomplished charity work over the past 17 years, working and funding an orphanage, a day centre and soup kitchen in Albania.



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