"Sometimes during our life something crosses our path, which has such an impact upon us that we cannot ignore and walk away from it.
This was such a case when travelling extensively through Kenya, where we found the slums of Mtwapa and the destitute children who live there.”

No schooling, very little food, poor health and atrocious living conditions.
This in total meant little or no prospect for those children's future.

Hope and change only come through education, so we built a school.

Around 430 children, resident in the slums of Mtwapa or the surrounding mud hut villages, get a high quality education in Nursery and 8 classes of Primary. Early next year our High School will start for 35 students.
All children come from poorest families, who can hardly afford to feed their children, let alone pay for their education.


PLEASE HELP US to continue develop and maintain the school!

Our pledge: 100% of what you give goes directly to help a child in Kenya.
All our workers give their services free. All administration is paid personally.
You can help by:  sponsorship of a child, a donation for school books or classroom furniture or games equipment etc – it all goes 100% to Kenya and assists the children.

Thank you for your interest – please feel free to contact us directly with your questions.

Newsletter September 2016

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