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  Project progress

May saw the beginning of High School construction. First 4 dormitories were built, followed by the lab, toilet – and shower block, Staff room and one more classroom.

A small boarding unit for children whose parents are ill/disappear/decease.
A mini farm stead (chickens), the development of the play area, a dining hall, 2 more classrooms and staff houses followed in 2012. A borehole was drilled to supply both school and garden with the much-needed water.

The construction of library, craft/art/sewing rooms, horticultural classroom and garden was completed in 2011.
January 2011
All staff arrive to set up classrooms-kitchen-office etc.
School opens doors to 350 Children aged 3-15 years.
December 2010
Cook house complete- flooring completed - ramps made - site cleaned - furniture arrived. Makuti Assembly hall - construction commenced.
November 2010
Block work completed-plumbing started. Roofing complete- painting- floors commenced to be laid-plumbing completed-water tower built.

October 2010
First ground cut- men on site to dig foundations.
Foundations complete, block work commenced.


September 2010
Plans prepared-building permissions sought. Bought a further 0,5 acres ground ajoining.

August 2010
New ground cleared- well digging commenced-fencing and planting started.
July 2010
Told to leave existing rented ground by November.
Through generous gift from retired teacher, we are able to buy a new piece of ground.(2.5 Acres).

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